Building and Facility Management Business

Description of Business

Building Maintenance Business

DAIKYO ANABUKI CONSTRUCTION conducts building maintenance services to achieve both peace of mind for owners as well as the creation of comfortable spaces for users.

Equipment-Related Services

We perform maintenance management of the overall building and equipment of facilities through a “attendant management system,” in which a technician is stationed to operate, monitor, inspect, and perform adjustments, and the “regular management system,” in which technicians periodically patrol to inspect and perform adjustments.
By performing the most appropriate maintenance management, it is possible to respond quickly to breakdowns, replace parts in a timely and appropriate manner, and propose planned repairs in an appropriate and precise manner, which results in reduction of total costs.

Cleaning Management Services

We perform cleaning management services to create a comfortable environment for users and maintain the beauty of the building. We propose cost-effective cleaning management plans and realize a high level of owners satisfaction.

Security Services

We help prevent theft and other illegal activities from occurring at facilities, protect the assets of owners and provide safety and security for all facility users. We plan and provide the most appropriate security services based on facility use, security level, and security equipment.

Legal Response Services

We handle the implementation of legal services, record keeping, and the preparation of reports necessary for the maintenance and operation of the facility. We propose operations and management plans necessary for legal compliance.

Real Estate Management (PM business) Services

This is a service where all operations related to the operation and management of real estate are undertaken on the owner’s behalf with the aim of maximizing revenue.

Tenant Leasing and Management Services

We aim to improve occupancy rates by conducting market research on properties to determine appropriate rent conditions and performing rigorous tenant screening. We manage lease contracts and rent appropriately on behalf of the owner as well as respond to tenant complaints. We also supervise restoration work, assess deteriorating building conditions, and propose repairs to maximize the value of properties.

Maintenance Supervision Services (supervision and oversight of building maintenance services)

Good maintenance is essential to maintain assets. Maintenance management of various facilities attached to real estate and the aesthetic maintenance of common areas are directly tied to the comfort and long-term use of residents as well as the prevention of asset deterioration. By working together with building maintenance departments, we can support owners in increasing the value of their real estate.

Construction Management Services

Buildings and equipment suffer from a variety of problems and deterioration over the years. When carrying out timely improvement and repair work, we perform complete planning examination and process supervision at each stage of planning, ordering, and construction in order to fulfill the owner’s requests and support them as an assistant and agent.

Payment Management

Managing rent and other payments, issuing monthly invoices to tenants, end-of-year accounting reports, and tax processing are more labor-intensive processes than expected. We take care of these complicated account services on behalf of owners.

Monthly Report Services

Operation-related reports have played an important role in the rental property investment business in recent years. Monthly reports summarize monthly income and expenses, cash flow, tenant lists, and PM activity reports. We can organize and provide information such as rental market conditions, if necessary, to allow owners to accurately grasp the current situation.

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